'Americans for Prosperity' – Question is, for Whom?

by: John Martin, the Happy Conservative

I recently listened to a radio program in which Mr. Joseph Farah was the guest. As part of his discussion, he made the statement that the frauds, phonies, and liars wrapping themselves in the patriot movement must be exposed. Victories that continue the big lie under new names are no victories at all.

Americans for Prosperity focuses on big government, over-taxation, and reckless over-spending. In fact, I have supported them on these issues with both my time and my money.

However, Americans for Prosperity has a huge credibility problem on their hands which many patriots are beginning to see. I despise the fact that they have millions of people believing that they are fighting for all Americans and are concerned about the prosperity of all. Evidence reveals that this is not the case.

What you say? Americans for Prosperity goes after waste and crazy spending like a piranha goes after a bloody hunk of steak. Yes they are quick to point out how insane it is to spend $35,000 on a fish study, or, $100,000 for a swimming pool project. Again I’m still with them.

Here is where the major separation occurs. Americans for Prosperity refuses to even mention the following issue on their website and on their very popular Facebook page.

Illegal immigration costs Americans approximately $700 billion annually in direct taxpayer funded expenses through social programs, food stamps, housing assistance, heating assistance, incarceration and parole expenses, medical care, and education. I am positive that I have left something out. Add to that the cost of the Totalization Program (implemented during the Bush administration) that makes social security payments (up to three times what an American gets who has worked a lifetime and paid into the system) to “retired” Mexicans in Mexico that claim to have worked in America at some point in their lives.

Let’s run a tab on illegal immigration that Americans for Prosperity refuses to acknowledge as big government over-taxation and wasteful spending.

1-    $700 billion estimated nationwide for direct support of the illegal alien’s families and results of antisocial behavior.

2-    More than 30% of our federal prisons are filled with illegal immigrants which we pay for through over-taxation.

3-    $5 billion annually goes to La Raza in direct payments to support their “Hispanic rights” cause. This program will incrementally increase to $20 billion annually by the year 2013 and is another Bush administration program.

It is important to note that this money becomes “lobbying” money or direct payments to politicians to secure support of both amnesty and NO BORDER as dictated by NAFTA. This group is also responsible for the protest signs that declare “capitalism is evil” and “communism is the answer for America”. They idolize Che Guevara and Castro and have been successful in getting one of their own, Sonya Sotomayor, confirmed to the Supreme Court. This women made the statement, “Let me be perfectly clear. All white males must be castrated in order to eliminate their influence on this hemisphere”.

4-    Democratic Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration, Robert Reich, recently submitted a report that Americans have experienced a greater than 40% reduction in wages over the past several years since the illegal alien invasion has become so overwhelming that not a single community in this country is free of illegal aliens. Illegal aliens soak up social resources and diminish job opportunities by the millions so that Jose and Juan can work at three dollars per hour and actually live the lifestyle of what hardworking Americans, used to be able to do, earning $65 per hour. The redistribution of wealth is why Jose and Juan can work for a criminal employer for $3/hour yet that reduction in overhead is NEVER passed on to the customer, thereby making those business owners filthy rich through a further redistribution of wealth.

Now, keeping all this information in mind, is it not mind boggling that Americans for Prosperity has nothing whatsoever to say about this reality, a reality that is destroying the blue collar and middle class families across this nation in the midst of a devastating recession bordering on a depression.

Does it make sense that this self proclaimed “watch dog” totally ignores one of the greatest financial drains on our economy and the single most preventable cause of lost opportunities for Americans to experience and promote prosperity? The very people who join this group are on the chopping block and they can’t even see it. The very people that need “change” that will protect them are once again supporting a phony, manipulative lying organization.

If you ask any questions on the Americans for Prosperity Facebook page, you and your comments are either deleted or ignored.   The same thing occurs at the Americans for Prosperity web site.

It is time that this nation-wide group comes forward and tells the truth about its existence.  Americans for Prosperity needs to  stop hiding behind the patriot movement for the benefit of the big money backers who doubtlessly do experience PROSPERITY through the benefits provided by employing millions of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and the tremendous transfer of wealth and opportunity to prosper hiring them brings.

Americans for Prosperity, it is time to either tell the truth and expose these facts  or crawl back under that slimy rock you came from and stop taking advantage of the great American patriots who believe in you.

Americans for Prosperity may be correct on many issues, but I’m afraid their agenda includes support of one issue—illegal immigration- that allows only a very limited number of Americans to prosper.

John Martin

Plover, Wisconsin